Helping your business develop creative campaigns to communicate the progress of your equity and inclusion initiatives.

Public relations

Public opinion matters and and organizational leaders are ready to increase awareness of their equity and inclusion initiatives. We'll work our contacts in mass media to help your organization tell the story of progress in racial equity. 

Marketing & Branding asset development

Connecting with Black and Brown communities isn't an easy task for predominately white institutions. As you work to diversify your workplace, we'll work to help you create the appropriate marketing collateral that resonates with Black and Brown people.


A unique approach to engage in fruitful, controlled conversations about your company's responsibility to address equity and inclusion. By developing an episodic series of digital audio files that can be downloaded to personal devices for easy listening, your company's messages would be accessible at all times.  

copy editing and voiceover

We'll strategize, identify key messages, write the scripts and produce the audio/video that will help your equity and inclusion advertisement or message resonate with the Black and brown communitiess.

Experiential Marketing

We'll employ a professional team of ambassadors and influencers to help you engage with the community through face-to-face or online efforts to raise brand awareness, create and nurture business relationships and develop long-term customer loyalty. 

equity and inclusion workshops

Leveraging our rolodex of context and content experts, we'll prepare and deliver speeches or facilitate presentations addressing world-wide race relations initiatives. You can then adopt successful strategies to advance equity and inclusion in your company.

video production

There's nothing like producing a quality video to help tell your story. From testimonies to company announcements, we'll help produce and publish the perfect visual for your brand to communicate key messages to Black and Brown communities. 


We create experiences.

From ideation to day of execution, our planned or pop-up events demonstrate equity and opportunity in real-time. 

Wether its a bicycle brigade or a roof top party, we offer opportunities for companies to safely celebrate progress